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About Us

We are a team of innovators transforming the marketing technology landscape for today and tomorrow

At Veloxity, we're driven by the transformative potential of data to elevate human experiences, empower communities, and advance global progress. Our commitment to harnessing the boundless opportunities of data is matched by our dedication to its responsible use.

For us, stewardship of data is a matter of principle. We endeavor to surpass industry standards, adopting a conscientious approach to privacy that transcends mere compliance. The ethical utilization of anonymized data is embedded in our ethos, reflecting our deep-rooted conviction that the true value of data lies in its power to do good.


Established in 2013, Veloxity is dedicated to pioneering a transformative era in data behavior analysis, driven by cutting-edge technologies.


Istanbul was strategically chosen as our gateway to tap into a dynamic emerging market and broaden our spectrum of exceptional talent


Lima becomes our strategic entry point to the dynamic Latin American market.


Partner offices established for ambitious GCC, Scandinavian, and LATAM market entry


Veloxity relocates to its new home at the prestigious Budotek Technology Complex in Istanbul.

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