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The real-life behavior is at the heart of the heart of Veloxity Proprietary Data, which is an important differentiator for the company. It is based on randomly generated unique customer IDs and consists of anonymously recorded data in the device which can also be data-enriched with user activities in the hosting app (if permitted).


  • Location Data and Point of Interest Mapping

  • Micro location data Indoor stores mapping

  • Mobile Network and Wi-Fi Network Data

  • Third party apps availability in smartphones

  • Smartphone related analytics

  • Bluetooth Connected IoT devices data

  • Wi-Fi connected IoT devices data

  • Device Sensor data

  • Environmental conditions data

  • In-app behavior data(page visits, clicks, shopping basket, consumed content, etc..)


However, we believe that data alone does not create value UNLESS:

-it is properly processed in an efficient data platform which Veloxity calls “INFORMATION”

-it is converted to a form of consumer behavioral segments and consumer insights, which Veloxity calls “KNOWLEDGE”

-it is used to create actions and financial value, which Veloxity calls “WISDOM”

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