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People Walking


The real-life behavior prediction is at the heart of purposefully collected Veloxity Proprietary Data, which is an important differentiator for the company. Veloxity data does not contain personal or financial information. Typical data set includes; 

  • Location (outdoor and indoor with point of interest matching

  • Third-party Apps installed in Mobile Devices

  • Mobile and WiFi Network Data

  • Bluetooth connections

  • Mobile Device Data

  • Environmental Sensor Data

  • IoT Data

We believe that data alone does not create value UNLESS it is:

  • properly processed in an efficient data platform (“INFORMATION”)

  • converted to a form of consumer behavioral segments and consumer insights (“KNOWLEDGE”)

  • used to create actions and financial value (“WISDOM”)

Pedestrians from an Ariel View


In today's information-driven landscape, data is invaluable. At Veloxity, we recognize this and place your trust at the forefront of our commitments, guaranteeing top-tier data privacy. 

Our commitment to exemplary data protection includes:

Safeguarding Your Personal Data: Your personal information remains untouched. We never extract personal details or credentials.

Preserving Anonymity: We employ a stringent anonymization protocol, ensuring user identities are always protected.

Data & Identity Distinction: Our robust firewall ensures a clear distinction between data sources and individual user interactions.

Adhering to Global Privacy Standards: We maintain compliance with GDPR and other global privacy regulations, reinforcing our commitment to international data protection.

Consent is Key: We operate on a permission-first basis. Data from in-app user activities is accessed only upon explicit consent.

With Veloxity, your data privacy isn't just a feature — it's our foundational principle. 

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