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People Walking


The real-life behavior prediction is at the heart of purposefully collected Veloxity Proprietary Data, which is an important differentiator for the company. Veloxity data does not contain personal or financial information. Typical data set includes; 

  • Location Data and Point of Interest Mapping

  • Micro location data Indoor stores mapping

  • Mobile Network and Wi-Fi Network Data

  • Third party apps availability in smartphones

  • Smartphone related analytics

  • Bluetooth Connected IoT devices data

  • Wi-Fi connected IoT devices data

  • Device Sensor data

  • Environmental conditions data

  • In-app behavior data

We believe that data alone does not create value UNLESS it is:

  • properly processed in an efficient data platform (“INFORMATION”)

  • converted to a form of consumer behavioral segments and consumer insights (“KNOWLEDGE”)

  • used to create actions and financial value (“WISDOM”)

Pedestrians from an Ariel View


Veloxity has taken all necessary measures to respect  EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and KVKK in Turkey as well as other applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Data privacy measures include;

•    Randomly generated internal anonymous customers IDs preventing retrieval and storage of any personal data;

•    Secure cloud architecture to process the collected data;

•    Encrypted data transmission (inbound and outbound);

•    Permission levels to process users' behavioral analysis, including location and app usage.

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