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Other Platforms in-app data profiling limited to active customer data only (20% of USERS)

Veloxity's out-of-app data profiling encompasses both active and inactive customers (100% of USERS)


  1. Increase sales via targeting Inactive users: Veloxity's unique real-life profiling technology deciphers inactive user behaviors, allowing you to target and convert 80% of inactive customers

  2. Compatibility with Other Growth Platforms: Veloxity personalizes targeting for inactive users, calculates product-specific purchase probabilities, and sends real-time notifications by connecting to other platforms when the right time comes

  3. Enrich your CRM data with device-level information: Veloxity transfers user consumption behaviors, real-life profiles, indoor locations, competitor app, and store usage to your CRM on a per-device basis.

  4. Start immediately with a one-day integration: Veloxity, with its 1MB Async SDK, minimizes power and memory consumption. It doesn't utilize your mobile application's resources

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