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Technology Investors 

Veloxity has the technology to determine the effects of a new start-up or a competition on your investment/target company and flag it as a threat before it is too late.

Technology Investment is a Risky Business

The fast changing market environment for B2C technology start-up and internet companies is extremely competitive and constantly challenging their commercial health and success. 

A new, fast-growing competitor app, a new concept introduced by a start-up that no one has seen before or a sudden change in consumer behavior can have a major impact on incumbents, and within weeks the destiny (and long-term value) of a company can drastically change. 

Image by Austin Distel
Keeping up with Speed of Change is Vital

M&A Due diligence processes predominantly rely on historic information available up to a fixed point in time and can take months to complete which could mean that by the time due diligence findings are available, they are already out of date. 

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Protect Your Investment

Veloxity offers an effective solution to address these challenges and complements due diligence processes by providing continuous end user/consumer behavioral data, trends and insights. This helps to identify the threats or future downward customer trends before they appear in any financial report of a company.

Image by Austin Distel

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