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Veloxity’s unparalleled technology offers you a unique opportunity to you convert handheld devices into a marketplace

More than Just A Phone

Veloxity technology transforms handheld devices into a marketplace; 

An indigenous pre-installed “Market App” that is supported by Veloxity’s powerful Big Data segmentation and recommendation engine will rival well-established marketplace apps with a number of competitive advantages. 


The intelligence embedded in The phone will understand the user’s profile, assess his/her needs, compile recommendations that are relevant to those needs and target the user with the right products at the right time. 

Mobile Phone
Credit For All

With a partner “Wallet”, The phone will differentiate from the rest by using Veloxity’s credit scoring engine to evaluate its user’s credit worthiness and extend credit accordingly over and above traditional funding and payment options available to the user. 

Wallet, with a credit scoring feature, is particularly powerful to reach out to unbanked segments of the population. The Phone will be a gateway for low income or unbanked customer segments who are currently unable to participate in online shopping or has limited access to it.

Image by Austin Distel

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