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Smart Ad Tech

Transparent, measurable, non-intrusive and relevant digital advertisement

Transforming Ad-Tech World

Veloxity’s Hyper Targeted Advertisement technology provides tangible solutions to major problems existing in the digital advertisement industry such as transparency of attribution engine counts, privacy laws, low conversion ratios, and inaccurate targeting. 

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End to End Privacy Friendly Platform

Veloxity’s revolutionary campaign management tool offers a transparent, end-to-end solution where all network platforms between the advertiser and the consumer are connected and managed in one place, which eliminates the possibility of loss of investment for the advertiser.

Veloxity technology is designed to respect User Privacy Laws and collects data accordingly which therefore mitigates the compliance risk. 

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Inconceivable Conversion Ratios

Veloxity managed campaign conversion ratios average around 14% as the real-time campaigns reach out to targeted audience at the exact moment they are ready to respond to an offer. 

More than 2500 behavioral segments offer advertisers great flexibility in effectively hyper-targeting desired audience segment.


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