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Veloxity data technology offers smart analytics for increasing customer foot traffic/ sales, optimizing store inventories, better managing 360 Sales Channels and optimum store location selection 

Learn Your Customer Base

Veloxity’s cutting edge "Know Your Consumer Analytics", provides retail clients with an in-depth understanding of their customer base. 

By studying customers segments, income levels and lifestyles, Veloxity has the capability of predicting why certain people prefer certain stores/locations, the customer segment(s) that are likely to visit particular stores and the type of products they are interested in. 

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Gain Actionable Insights

Veloxity also enables its retail clients to know exactly whether a store is successful in attracting purchasing customers or not by monitoring the location 24/7 and differentiating between the devices that are just visiting or using the store location regularly. 

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Improve Your Bottom Line

By combining these predictions and customer insights, Veloxity ranks and classifies store locations for its clients so that they strategize ways to increase foot traffic, effectively manage their product inventory held in each store and choose the best new store location among competing candidates.


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