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Media Agencies

Veloxity’s unique Hyper Targeted Advertisement technology utilizes both in-app and out-of-app behavior and offers a complete view of customer profiles.

Bespoke Audience Targeting

With its innovative technology, Veloxity collects anonymous data on selected customers and creates powerful segmentation for delivering highly customized advertising to a defined audience using very specific parameters.

Easy to Use, Flexible Monitoring
  • Smart PN is Veloxity’s targeted user engagement platform which enables Media Agencies to send targeted PNs to a targeted set of customers at the right time; when customers are in need of a particular client service. 

  •   Smart PN creates additional ad inventory on top of media agency’s or its partner’s current ad space and does not interfere with any of the existing advertising models. 

  •  With its monitoring capability, it also tracks every ad that touches the users to ensure predetermined success criteria are met with high conversion rates. 

Rich Selection of Notifications

Smart PN service is designed to send the following PN types :

•    Simple Notification 
•    Rich Notification
•    Full size Pop-Up  
•    Flash Pop-up
•    Rich Pop-up with video or gif


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