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Veloxity’s behavioral data technology helps you develop an in depth understanding of your customer base and their real life profiles to ensure you accomplish your business goals.

Not Knowing Customers Cost Money

Companies spend an awful lot of money to decipher their customer’s shopping habits and brand preferences so that they can offer products that will be consistently  purchased.


However, the information about the customers is very limited; it hardly goes beyond shopping basket data or the limited demographics information collected from loyalty programs. 

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Embrace Data Technology

Veloxity’s patented technology not only offers answers to all of your questions relating to your customer base but also turns them into actionable insights.


These valuable insights can be monetized in a number of ways such as an increase of product sales, resource and budget optimization, and cost savings. 

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Transform Your Business

Below are some of the questions that turn into 2500 + behavioral segments such as social status, income status, daily driving routines to describe your Customers.

• What do Customers do when they don’t use your services?
• Why have they chosen your company over a competition?
•    Are they also shopping from the competition? 
•    Where do your Customers frequently visit?
•    Where do your Customers shop online?
•    Where do they live, work, socialize?
•    How do behavioral segments of your customers impact your business?

Once you learn about your customers Veloxity enables you to access them in real-time when the customer is in need of your product/service or ready to hear your offer.

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Experience Our Solution

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