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Veloxity delivers real-time customer behavior data analytics and decision making/support tool to help E-commerce companies have an advantage over their competition.

Increase Market Share

Veloxity will help your company to stand out by offering access to: 
•    Cutting edge "Know Your Consumer Analytics" which will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your customer base, 
•   Competitor Analysis  giving you detailed analysis of competitor landscape and customer segments/profiles that prefer your direct competition
• Churn prevention tool/causality analysis to understand why your customers change their preference to a competitor 
•   Product Recommendation Analytics to predict the product(s) that customers’ need or interested in/might be considering with the flexibility to engage them in real time with Smart PN. 
•  Data enrichment engine that combines Consumer profiling with the basket data to decipher customers’ product specific purchasing preferences. 
•  Customer Reactivation tool to identify user inactivity and take action to reactivate those users who went silent after using your service once.

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