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Your privacy is important to Veloxity Inc. This Privacy Policy explains the privacy practices of Veloxity, Inc. (“Veloxity”) with respect to Veloxity’s mobile applications (“Application”.) It describes how Veloxity provides the options available to you without using your personal information or collecting it.

Information We Collect

We don’t collect any Personal Identifiable Information or any Personal Data from you. This app is an isolated environment when it comes to data collection and information usage. No data or information used by this app is communicated or transferred to the outside world:


-We do not collect your identity

-We do not collect any unique device identifier

-We do not ask your personal credentials

-We do not ask your phone number, name, address, anything that would define who you are.

-We do not collect your location.

-We do not collect any ADID s.

-We do not collect any other information specific to your device.


The only communication between your device and our servers is a randomly generated temporary number to send you back a token. Token is another random number attached to that temporary number so that the app calculates your new credit scoring securely. In other words, we set up a token authorization system for your credit queries so that unauthorized third-party programs cannot access or use your credit score on your behalf. This authorization establishes the authenticity of your query without knowing your identity or any single unique identifier that belongs to you. The process does not keep any history and we do not know if the same device requested a query before.


The app collects and uses the following information to help you improve your network quality of experience, given the surrounding network conditions, time, location, and device events related to data consumption.
Please note all of the information that the App collects remain strictly within your phone and DOES NOT LEAVE YOUR PHONE under any circumstances.
The App collects the following information to help your network quality:
·   Coarse Location
·   Third party app lists (the apps that exist in your phone)
·   Nearby Bluetooth devices
·   Bluetooth devices you are connected
·   Your network connections
·   Device model
·   Device settings
The app uses the location and network diagnostics information to provide you with information about your current network conditions in terms of signal strength, speed, interferences, delay, etc. The application also attempts to suggest the best available network, given your current location and surrounding networks.
The App also collects the app list on your device (Installed Apps) to identify the presence of any third-party applications:
-      That may carry high risk because they are not installed from Google App Store and may use high amount of data in the background consuming your mobile network quota
-      May carry background internet traffic and slow down your phone’s internet speed
The App verifies the connected Bluetooth devices to identify the most internet consuming ones and help you manage your speed and quota

Opting Out

You may uninstall the Application at any time by using the programs removal feature of your operating system. Veloxity will not be able to collect any further location or network diagnostic information from you once the Application is uninstalled from your device.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will post all changes to this Privacy Policy on this page and will indicate at the top of the page the modified policy’s effective date. We therefore encourage you to refer to this page on an ongoing basis so that you are aware of our current privacy policy.

Contact Information

We welcome your comments or questions regarding this privacy policy. Please contact us at


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