Real Time Offer Management

Your wireless customers are forever on the move and the window of opportunity for you to capture their attention in ways that will impact revenue and service retention moves even faster. How do you utilize everything you know about your customers to quickly identify and act upon these opportunities?

That’s where the power of Veloxity’s real-time contextual marketing solution comes to your aid. Veloxity’s intelligence, algorithms, location and time based analytics, and dynamic decision making abilities based on the real time customer experience data that we collect quickly connects you in the moment with your customers to serve relevant, localized offers for services upsells, and content and product offers. And once Veloxity identifies a customer engagement opportunity our real-time ad serve and push notification tools connect your offer to the customer now. Not an hour or even ten minutes from now when it’s too late and the revenue opportunity has been lost.

So whether it’s a wireless operator looking to sell more streaming content and network data, or a retail company that offers free Wi-Fi to its customers and wants to serve up in-store sales offers to its wireless patrons, Veloxity provides you tools you need to drive new revenue streams.