Network Utilization and Growth

Data streams from every Veloxity-enabled and monitored wireless and mobile device are acquired and immediately processed to provide real-time visualizations of device-specific and aggregated metrics and trends. Select correlated and enriched in-memory data is also persisted into a traditional data store for BI reporting. Veloxity can profile the mobile network infrastructure of a network operator in minutes using millions of live customer device feeds. In seconds, real consumer experience data points are acquired and mapped across the entire service region with a clear customer-centric perspective on actual service quality. If and when service quality for a specific customer degrades, the network operators are aware of the customer experience as it happens. This allows them to take immediate action to address and acknowledge the issue. Veloxity offers real-time dynamic network management, using automated self-organizing network intelligent algorithms.

Actionable Insights

Veloxity’s mobile customer experience management not only monitors real-time customer use on the wireless network, but also applies that information into actionable intelligence about the state of the mobile network. This enables operators to monitor and analyze traffic trends and hotspots, understand where they need to expand their network, deploy small cells with great precision and continuously look for performance gaps.