End User Utilities for the Do-it-Yourself Wireless Customer

Not happy waiting for your wireless network operator’s customer support to help you fix your problems? The Veloxity Wi-Fi Deadspot (Google Play & iTunes) and WiFi & Mobile Network Speed (Google Play) self-help apps let you analyze and fix wireless issues yourself, giving you the information you need to correct issues related to your connected network quality, data usage, and observed internet speeds. You can even see how YouTube, Facebook or your favorite Game performs on your network, while keeping the data and results private.

Whether you’re on a cellular or Wi-Fi network, the Veloxity Apps are your personal assistants for an enhanced wireless experience. The Apps test and display your true network quality in real-time, testing each and every app on your mobile device, sensing Wi-Fi deadspot, and assesses the impact of each device connected to your network. This gives you not only signal strength, but network load and other sources of interference – and then the Speed App recommends ways to fix the issue yourself, such as switching your home Wi-Fi network to the best-fit wireless frequency channel.


WiFi | Mobile Network Speed


Wi-Fi Deadspot

“After weeks of Wi-Fi downtime and my ISP trying to persuade me to upgrade my modem to one that has less than great reviews, I decided to give this a try. So far I’m very impressed, looks like it’s not my modem that’s the Issue after all and more the channel that I’m set too.”