Customer Experience Management (CXM)

The Veloxity Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution provides you with a true user-based view of wireless network performance. Older “top down” approaches can only provide a brief snapshot of the “aggregated” user experience as opposed to a real-time comprehensive understanding of individual experience perceived on connected device.

This “top down” approach is not sufficient for today’s “race” between wireless network expansion and enhancements and the ever growing number of wireless consumers demanding more and more data intensive services. That’s why Veloxity’s solution looks at network performance from the consumer perspective.

See your network through your customer’s eyes

At the heart of Veloxity’s answer to this challenge is a “crowd-sourced” experience management solution which seeds unobtrusive data collection apps on wireless devices across the customer base, and through network monitoring software tools that can reside with Veloxity across the cloud or be locally hosted. The apps can be provided to network operators by Veloxity, or an operator can use Veloxity’s SDK to create or enhance existing mobile apps with the Veloxity data collection and performance monitoring software. The solution scales to millions of devices, and collects data from each device such as signal strength, signal quality, device-specific analytics, network mobility, and bandwidth usage and data consumption per app. By processing mobile device data in real time, carriers now have a window into each consumer’s wireless experience.

For example, a cable operator’s own mobile-app in use across its customer base could easily be Veloxity-enhanced and begin immediately providing the information needed to improve the end user, troubleshoot issues and help with network optimization and planning.

Increase Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Costs

In addition to improving the wireless user experience, the Veloxity employs synthetic transactions for network quality. The solution enables network operators to remotely diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve customer issues as they occur. This results in speedier resolution of a service issue to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn, and also helps cut costs by reducing the number of in-person service technician visits and the average time on the phone spent resolving a customer issue. For example, using the Veloxity solution a customer service agent can develop an end-user wireless environment profile – from wireless router placement to the number of wireless devices sharing capacity, and take steps to remotely change a mobile device’s Wi-Fi channel for reduced interference, recommend better wireless router placement and enhancements (such as repeaters or new wireless router), and otherwise improve the customer’s quality of experience and wireless speeds. Veloxity-enabled apps can also be used to similarly improve the wireless experience of the customer, and to allow service technicians to remotely diagnose and correct problems at the device level.