Veloxity delivers an in-depth view of the “true quality” end-user wireless network experience to improve both the individual consumer’s and corporate customers’ quality of service, reduce support costs and subscriber churn, and open up new revenue paths for wireless network operators through real-time contextual marketing, service enhancements and upsells.

Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Veloxity’s customer experience management solution seeds your wireless customer base and network with real-time crowd-sourced data collection apps and tools to monitors your network’s performance from the end-user perspective. The solution scales to millions of devices to help you rapidly identify, visualize and pro-actively eliminate performance issues across 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks.

Network Utilization and Growth

Veloxity’s mobile customer experience management not only monitors real-time customer use on the wireless network, but applies that information into actionable intelligence about the state of the mobile network. This lets operators monitor and analyze traffic trends and hotspots, and understand where they need to expand their network or deploy microcells to continuously close performance gaps.

Real Time Offer Management

Veloxity’s real-time offer management and contextual marketing solution opens up new revenue paths for you. Veloxity’s intelligence, algorithms, location and time based analytics, and dynamic decision making abilities based on the real time customer experience data that we collect quickly connects you in the moment with your customers to serve relevant, localized offers for services upsells, and content and product – now, Not an hour or even ten minutes from now when it’s too late and the revenue opportunity has been lost.

End User Utilities for the Do-it-Yourself Wireless Customer

Not happy waiting for your wireless network operator’s customer support to help you fix your problems? Veloxity’s self-help apps let you analyze and fix wireless issues yourself, giving you the information you need to correct issues related to your connected network quality, data usage, and observed internet speeds. You can even see how YouTube, Facebook or your favorite Game performs on your network, while keeping the data and results private.