About Us

Veloxity, Inc. is a privately held wireless telecom company based in Sunnyvale, California. The company is founded in 2013 by telecom veteran Bahadir Kuru and Bora Eristurk to develop mobile consumer experience management (CXM) solutions with a unique device-centric measurement approach.

The Veloxity team applies decades of wireless network performance management, analysis and optimization experience to solve our clients’ needs. We believe that network-centric analysis falls short of the mark in today’s world of rapidly expanding and evolving wireless networks – only user-side data can deliver what you need. And that’s why we’ve created world-class tools to collect, analyze and utilize live data from end-user devices so you can rapidly analyze, visualize and act on the true state of your wireless network from your customers’ perspective.

Veloxity delivers an in-depth view of the “true quality” end-user wireless experience for mobile operators, internet service providers and digital network providers to enable them to improve their customers’ quality of service, reduce support costs and subscriber churn, and open up new revenue paths through service enhancements, upsells and new business opportunities.